Dentists and physicians in general often ask you if you have any questions at the beginning and/or end of each visit. Because you are not a dentist or a physician yourself, knowing what questions to ask can be difficult. There are several questions that are essentials, however, and they pertain to the dentist’s specialties as well as your own medical diagnosis.

Without further ado, here are a few questions you should ask your dentist.

1. Ask for specifics

Dentists may make lofty claims about their statuses as, well, dentists. They may claim certain specialties, awards or accolades. Consider asking about these claims. Who gave you that award? What did you have to do to earn it? What does this specialty mean? How did you come to claim that you have such a specialty? What does that specialty mean for me? You may learn some valuable things about dentistry, or you may learn that your dentist is completely full of it. Give it a try.

2. Are you trying to sell me something?

Always be suspicious if a dentist pushes a particular product on you. Don’t be afraid to ask if your dentist is trying to sell you something for a reason. He or she may have a stake in that product, or potentially a deal with someone selling the product. Or, he or she might just really like that product. The only way to know is to ask.

3. Ask about your health

Don’t just leave the dentist without all the information. If he or she rattles off a bunch of words that you don’t understand, be sure to ask what this actually means. What do the words mean? What does the diagnosis mean to you? What are the steps toward correcting it? How will they affect your life? What can you do differently to correct these symptoms in the future? Find out the specifics and then take the necessary measures. You will pay handsomely for dental care; it’s best to use it.

4. Can I get a discount?

Speaking of payment, it never hurts to ask for a discount. You never know what the dentist or staff person will say. Maybe they can cut you a deal. Maybe they will give you a discount for paying in cash instead of using insurance. Maybe there’s the possibility of a payment plan. Again, you won’t know until you ask, and while paying for your care is important, your own finances are too. It never hurts to ask.

A common theme here is that it never hurts to ask. You won’t lose anything by asking about your care. Be sure to ask questions, and you may be surprised by the answers. You might learn more, and you might even pay less for your care. The only way to know is to pose these questions.

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