What is it about a smile? Making a good first impression is important everywhere you go, and it is easy to do this with a beautiful smile on your lips. It is so easy to smile yet the effects are fascinating. However, some people do not feel comfortable smiling in public because of the poor condition of their teeth.

At some point in life, many people experience some dental problems. Either overgrowth, cracked or unevenly spaced dentition or discoloration of the teeth. These dental issues can make you feel less confident in your smile.

Some of the reasons we experience dental discoloration include:

Unhealthy habits

Habits such as smoking or failing to brush or floss regularly can cause dental discoloration. In this case, the beautiful white pearls will darken and become quite unlike they used to look.

Old Age

As we grow older, our bodies become less capable of performing functions such as providing sufficient nutrients that can sustain dental health. Old age can also lead to discoloration and loss of teeth.

Excessive consumption of strong beverages

Alcohol, coffee, and tea can cause damage to the dentition if they are excessively consumed.
While these issues may occur, there are many natural and effective remedies that can be used to whiten your teeth.

You can regain the beautiful glow in your smile in the following ways:

Rinsing your teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild solvent that has properties which enable it to dissolve and remove stains on your teeth. Regularly rinsing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide will eliminate stains. However, care should be taken to dilute hydrogen peroxide before it is used as a mouthwash. In high concentrations, hydrogen peroxide can damage your teeth.

Citrus fruits

The acidic content of the peels extracted from citrus fruits can whiten your teeth. Simply rub the insides of these peels on your teeth to restore the beautiful white glow of your teeth. It should, however, be noted that the citric acid may be too corrosive to the enamel of some people. If you notice any adverse reactions or increased sensitivity, you should discontinue use. However, the ease at which we can get citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons makes this method one of the commonly used natural processes to whiten teeth.

Eating Strawberries can whiten your teeth

Strawberries are known to contain some natural compounds that can help to remove stains from the teeth. People who eat strawberries often usually have beautiful white teeth. So go ahead, have a handful of berries next time you see them.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is another naturally sourced product that can remarkably eliminate stains from your teeth. It is also perfect for brightening darkened teeth. ACV can be used in small quantities as a regular mouthwash. However, it should be diluted with water, or if your teeth have been badly discolored, you can use ACV without dilution but rinse your teeth for only a few minutes.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

One of the causes of dental issues is poor oral hygiene. It is advised that you should brush and floss after meals to prevent food particles from rotting and damaging your teeth.
If the damage has already been done, your teeth can become white again by regular brushing and flossing after meals. Use toothpaste recommended by a dentist, and the results will be amazing.

The natural methods that have been described above to help you whiten your teeth are easy to perform, and they are very effective. If you experience any discomfort after trying one method, try another. It should also be noted that once your white teeth have been restored, you should stop the method. There is no need to worry, by brushing twice a day (in the morning and at night before you go to bed) and flossing; you can maintain your new set of white teeth.

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